Delirium TV Show Casting news!!!!

Hello My beauties!!!!

I have Delirium casting news!!! I shall give you all the roles so far!!!

Lena Haloway is played by Emma Roberts

Julian Fineman is played by Gregg Sulkin

Alex Sheathes is played by Daren Kagasoff

Lawrence Tack is played by Corey Reynolds

Thomas Fineman is played by Billy Campbell

Hana Tate is played by Jeanine Mason

So, How do you guys feel about this?

I'm actually okay with this!

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Shatter Me Review. Spoilers!!!!

What the Bloody hell was this.

I really liked this book and Juliette and her predicament interested me.

She has been locked up in an asylum for a year and treated like a social pariah all her life. Because she kills everything she touches.

She meets Adam when he is thrown into het cell and is rather wary of him.

They warm up to each other and then we find out he is a flipping goverment spy! WTH!!!!

We meet Warner who is a very psycho man who has a deluded mind.

Adam is on her side, they fall in love. Turns out that Adam can touch her POINT ONE FOR THE JADAM SHIP!!

They decide to escape and then proceed to escape. Then FLIPPING WARNER CAN FLIPPING TOUCH HER TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

We meet Adam's adorable little brother James, whois basically a little tumblr user becayse he ships Jadam and is full of sass

We also meet Kenji who is the life of the nonexistent party!!

Then action and people get shot and No, I'm not telling you who!!!

And a whole lot of things go down

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The Lying Game Review. Spoilers!!!!!!!

Oh my god, this book!!

This is the first book I have read of Sara Shepard and I loved it. I devoured this book in an hour.

Emma is just a wonderful character and Sutton/ghost is just a very complex and deep character, though I find her point of view slightly creepy.

It is full of action and mystery and I loved it.

Though her friends and family suck for not realizing that Emma was impersonating Sutton.

What the Bloody hell is going on with these depressed teenage girls. They need to stick to shopping and not ruining other people's lives.

I really loved how Ethan was the only one who realized Emma was Sutton.

My bets are on Charlotte as the killer but I still have a ton of books left!

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The Host Event!!!!!

Hello, My lovely followers!!!

So I came to a realization today that on Tuesday I am going to meet Stephanie Meyer, Max Irons and Jake Abel.

I have a million worst case scenarios which consist of me falling on my face or fangirling too hard or ughhh.. fainting.

Well this was just a quickie post. I got to go!!!

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Perfect Scoundrels review!!!!!! SPOILERS!!!

What. The. Crud

I mean really, I honestly didnt think this book would make me cry. ALLY CARTER MADE IT HAPPEN!!!! So Hale and Kat are finally together!!!! Finally, I mean 2 books later, FINALLY!!! But on to the point.

This book made us go and explore the deep dark corners of Hale's family and um... His family honestly scares me.

I mean Kat's family is more honorable and They are THIEVES!

Basically In this book, Hale is Scooter (I fell out of my seat laughing)

and His grandmother Hazel just died and the vultures a.k.a the family are getting together for the will reading.


Basically, Marcus asks Kat to see if it was a fake after his sister didnt get the money she was promised.

Then Hale gets angry they have to go break into the Henley again!!!

Hale and Kat fight, the whole family gets into a Big Store and Uncle Eddie dies.


It was the lawyer and his daughter and just I hate them sooooo much!!!!!!

Now Hale owes Kat's dad goats. Lots of goats.

What I honestly want to know is how Ally Carter has Henley floorplans and how she knows so much about thieves.

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The Fault in our Stars review!!!! Spoilers!!!!!!

This book was so beautifully written that it hurts.

We meet Hazel Grace at a support meeting when she gets stared at by the undeniably hot Augustus Waters.

I lovelovelove how this book isnt a what Hazel would call a "cancer book", this book is literally something that tells you what they are going through without the idiotic mushyness.
John Green is a flipping genius.

No. Augustus is not dead, he is alive and he and Hazel will get married. O kay WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HE IS DEAD DFIIWGFYWHVJNLSADUHWTFGTRGWNWCVBGIAGSUAGDFJKE.

His prefuneral was the saddest/funniest thing I've ever read.

Then He's gone and she doesn't want to believe it.

The humor in this book was fantastic, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

The Van Heuten affair is something I don't want to even talk about without crying.

What were your emotions?

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Prodigy review!! Spoilers!!!!!!

No. No. No. No.

Just flipping No.

Ok, we start this book with June and Day in Vegas, from there we get action!!!! Dune ( couple name for June and Day) kissing and seeing Tess all safe and soundish.

This book was fast paced and never a boring moment. The plot to asasinate Primo Elector Anden was just WHHHATTT.

Then June goes undercover and videos that make Day jelly. Some moments when you hate Tess. Oh and Anden is a good guy!!! PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then the botched asasination and chiz hit the fan.

Oooooooohhh and our first glimpse at the Colonies!!!! Frankly I prefer the Republic but that could just be me.

The fights when you just want to punch Day because he is being a jerk,

Ok lets go to the final ending WTH scenes


Kaede dies ummmmm.... Marie Lu, you have such a bright future don't make us label you as a fangirl destroyer.



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